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Not Extremely Happy About This But Oh Well, Any Ideas?

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Hi All,

Only noticed these earlier this week and was pretty annoyed, although they're that noticeable and nobody else seems to notice them, I know they're there..

Somebody opened their door right onto my side...
And I somehow seem to have got a few scratches on the front bumper on the passenger side!

Obviously it being my first car I want to look after it, never had to deal with anything like this, somebody said use T-Cut on the scratches?

Any help??

Sorry if I sound like an idiot!

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For the dent, you can use some dry ice and a hairdryer... If you gradually heat the area up with a hairdryer so that the dented area becomes very hot, then rapidly apply dry ice to it, you should see that it just pops straight back out, or you may need someone like chipsaway to take it out for you.

T Cut is a good call on the scratches, but it can be quite aggressive, so take your time and be firm but not harsh with your paintwork and you should be able to polish it straight out!

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Please don't use brasso.....

I would use a light cutting compound to remove the scratches. ...

T cut is one option but if possible buy 3M Finesse it.

Can be applied by cloth or you can machine it (buff)

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Alternatively a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher has a temperature of -66 degrees, so if you have one lying around, if you hold this against the hot panel and then squirt directly onto it, this should give you the same effect...

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Aha damn, seems a bit overkill to buy a load of dry ice when all I need is one piece! No fire extinguishers either :')

Gonna buy some t-cut of the 3M stuff soon, gonna give the car a good clean before hand.

Also noticed that my fog light has scratches on the metal as well, looks a lot more aggressive that the ones on my bumper, no residue or dust at all, leaves me wondering what actually happened to my car?!?

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