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Time For New Plugs?

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On and off for a few weeks now the engine in my litte flame becomes a little loud under load especially up hills, its noticably from the cylinder on the drivers side, this seems to tally with the leaky wahser jet on the bonnet, at lower speeds its isnt noticeable and only seems to be a problem going up hills, whether or not its just me expecting near silence from cheapish supermini or what, the 1.6 mk5 that i learnt in was rather similar and seemed to be that fiestas arent keen on being booted up hills, i guess its relevant that i had to climb the hill at 30mph with2 passengers, and at 25,000 miles in 9 years im thinking she might want a set of leads and plugs to help things along, so what do you guys think in my mind or a worry, i forgot to mention it idles level and accelerates smoothly even when loud it isnt really an engine shake more of a vibration,

Thanks for any help,


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Fiestas love being thrashed haha, revvy little pots, sounds like a coil pack issue

I think it probably is, hasnt done it all weekend, it may just be in my head, im gonna go for a little 'thrash' tommorow, im suprised by how easy it wants to rev, its quite happy to fly up through the gears for a mighty 1.4 it goes quite well, although nothing like the pick up from the 1.6 mk5 zetec s that i learnt in, got to say also when i brought the car the ford dealer gave me a few litres of fuel from bp, i being a bit tight or wise i like to say go down morrisons for fuel and i must admit it seems far happier on the BP juice, i find that the 1.4 runs out of rev happiness at 4th gear, and 5th is all but worthless.

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Nothing to report, i gave it a big chunk of toe and it was smooth and quiet, i think it may be the plugs when they are under a heavy load, or perhaps just the way she is, thanks for replying in the first place.

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