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Will My Fiesta Pass It's Mot?

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Hi all,

My fiesta has it's MOT due soon and there are some points which are causing me worry. These things are:

Broken Door Mirror (Near Side)

- It's still attached to the car, wobbles around a little and the glass is smashed. You can't tilt the mirror because the motor is damaged, and this makes the mirror pretty much un-usable...

(No picture)

Damaged Bumper

- It's very small damage... There is a crack in the bumper, but it leaves part of a metal bar slightly exposed (not sure if it's the chassis). See picture below...


Broken Headlight Connectors

- The headlights function perfectly, but the brackets or screws near the front bumper are snapped. See pictures


So... does it have much chance of passing the MOT?

Hopefully someone here will know the answer ;)

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The bumper wont come into it, depending on who MOT's it it could, the mirror is advisory i think although i cant remember, best thing with the mirror would be to tell the garage where you are going so they could order you a new one, and as for the headlight, if its secure i cant see them being bothered too much, you could probably get a new light for the drivers side from a local scrappers these little fiestas are common as muck, maybe even get mirror there too. I will place my bet at pass with advisorys, good luck.

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Your car will pass an mot with those faults, providing the headlight is secure.

As far as I know you need a driver mirror and one other - so no problems there.

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Some Araldite on the headlamp bracket will sort that. Just put a piece of plastic under the break in the bracket and cover the gap with the stuff.

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