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Terraclean Seems To Be Spreading

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Apologies for dredging this up from the depths, but...

I'm a first-time diesel owner (2010 1.6 TDCi Fiesta Sport Van) and therefore, knew absolutely nothing about the difference between looking after a diesel car vs. a petrol one when I bought it!

My question is, will getting a Terraclean service done prolong the life of the DPF? I can see the sense in getting an engine, etc cleaned, and I've heard horror stories cost-wise about getting DPFs replaced. So seeing as I use my van mainly on local journeys (around 35 miles per day on A and B roads, sometimes further afield, barely ever for long stretches on motorways) my concern is that the van's DPF regeneration cycle isn't getting a chance to run and do it's job!

Would getting the van Terraclean-ed be a solution? What are the cons as well as the pros? (Has anyone ever had their car suffer any adverse effects?)

My van has 65,300 on the clock and does about 53 - 58 mpg on average.



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Tbh I can't say 100% that a Terraclean WILL help the DPF but your engine will love you for it.

Best option is to find your local Agent and ask them for the facts.

I had a clean done on my 1.8 and it drove like new.

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Righto! I'll have chinwag with the two Terraclean-ing establishments that I've found in my area - and also have a chat with my garage chaps.


How often do you get your car done? Once a year?

Sent from Ye Olde iPadde using Ford OC

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Well, I had mine done today and already I can see the benefit. On idle, the engine was shaking, but now it idles smooth with no real movement. The very quick drive back to the office had a quieter and smoother engine, gear changes weren't as bumpy and several times I had to check my gear really was in 6th and not 4th.

Got a drive tonight to get home and will see what that does for the economy, but as my workhorse had 125k miles of cack, a lot of those ae now clear and she can only get better.

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Having read this thread whilst considering Terraclean I thought I should add a few words.

Last week while Mrs P was visiting family in Teesside I arranged for a mobile Terraclean specialist, A1 Terraclean, to do their stuff with Eve (Mk2 Focus 2.0 petrol, nearly 9 years old, 65k on the clock).

Mrs P commented that it feels a lot smoother. I've only done a few miles so far but I am very impressed with the results - it feels like a brand new engine.

Sitting at idle the car is now a lot quieter and smoother whereas it used to be a little bit rattly and juddery. Fuel consumption also appears to have improved and she's much more comfortable at low revs. I haven't taken her out for a decent drive yet but am looking forward to doing so!

£108 well spent in my opinion.

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