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Engine Systems Failure 1.6 Tdci

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I think the 110s all do, but don't quote me on that. And I also think some 90s might and some might not..

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it is recommended to clean your DPF with a good run down the motorway keeping the car at 3k revs for 20-30mins as said previously.

If your in the tyne and wear area, i can probably set your car away to carry out a forced regen (the car wont move)

Dealers have kinda locked this down in terms of fixing...you can either:

- remove filter and get a good remap of car to take it out

- replace fluid yourself, take filter off and power wash it and get dealer/indy or IDS holder to reset counters

- go to dealers and spend ££££

but in terms of which engines i know PSA do not fit DPF's to the 90bhp engine but 110 and above does...being that ford use some PSA engines this may be true.

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Dude the same problem to me , idk what to do . i'm afraid to travel long way coz it can cause troubles out there , !Removed! situation !

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hi i have recently brought a focus 06 on a 06 plate tdci zetec 1.6 had the car since Friday 22nd may so just over a day and my engine system fault has come on heard a bang then lose of power managed to get home and was barely able to get up to speed i live near a few 70 mph roads as work daily use the roads to get to work the fan was still going when i got home for a round 2-3 mins after the engine had been off and keys taken out looked in the engine and when i rubbed down the inter cooler pipe the fan stopped have noticed a small plastic gromit pressed up against the pipe and there's a bit of rust but not willing to drive much till i can get a mechanic to look it over

please reply asap and no one say take car back as i have explored that option and all i got was contact warranty which is now closed till Tuesday and i have 3 days of work and no other car to use

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I had the same carbon smell coming through the blowers and it turned out to be a blowing injector. There was a load of black carbon built up around the injector. I just cleaned it out removed the injector and replaced the injector seals. Got them from LEC for a few quid. Maybe in your case it was the DPF, I do give mine a hammering so the DPF doesn't tend to get clogged up so much.

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