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Changing Fuel Filter On A Focus 1.6 Tdci... Bleeding?

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My filter needs doing and I'd rather do it myself, but I've heard from a few in the garage trade that it can be a nightmare getting it bled afterwards and restarted, as there is no built in hand bleeding pump. Ford tend to use a handheld air-driven primer AFAIK, and I've heard of some garages reduced to trying to tow start after a filter change.

I've also heard you can prime it by switching the ignition on to II and off 7 or 8 times without starting, to prime using the fuel pump. Has anyone tried this method with any success?? Don't want a non-starter on my drive.

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The best option is still to use a priming pump/bulb on the outlet side of the filter.


Also make sure the filter/housing is filled with fuel before reassembly so you have a head start on the priming.

TBH, I don't know why Ford didn't fit the filter housing with an integral priming bulb, many other car manufacturers do and it makes them far easier to get going after a filter change or if you run out of fuel..

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Thanks for that, I had considered getting one of those. My Renault DCi has got one built in and I changed the fuel filter on that no problem. Have you actually used one of these on a 1.6TDCi with success? What happens when you come to removing the pump, isn't diesel going to go everywhere? And any idea for what to plug the fuel lines with, or will clamps work? Thanks!

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I guess you have already done this job by now but I thought I would post my experiences here for anyone else looking to do this instead of starting a new thread.

I have a 55 plate Mk2 with the metal "canister" style fuel filter.

I too was skeptical about getting my car started again but I managed to start it first time doing the following:

I bought the following priming pump (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Draper-43904-Fuel-Transfer-Syphon/dp/B00123121K/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1419242669&sr=8-4&keywords=draper+hand+pump) - Be aware you need use the pump in the vertical postision with the arrow pointing up as it has a valve in it which works with gravity. Also the tubes fit onto the filter nicely.

Firstly I got the engine warm as it makes it easier to start.

Then I went about swapping the filter... After putting the new filter in place I put the inlet pipe on the filter, then connected the hand pump to the outlet of the new filter. I pumped until the hand pump and tubes for the hand pump were full of diesel and let some run out to a container, so I knew the filter was full.

Then I carefully diconnected the hand pump from the filter and quickly put the outlet pipe back on. And that was it, it started first time with no problems and it was a pretty easy job.

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Did you fill filter with diesel before refitting with diesel in bowl it should prime its self hope this helps

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Nope. I fitted the new filter empty, connected the inlet pipe then connected the hand pump to the outlet of the new filter and pumped the diesel through. Therefore filling the filter with diesel.

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