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Damaged Alloy - Fiesta Zetec-S

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Wonder if anyone could give me some advise.

On the way to work, I hit a pot hole coming off a duel carriage way. Was going about 55-60mph.

Now have a bent bit on the edge of my alloy.

Is this safe to drive on?

Can it be repaired?

Had a price from fords for a new one at £185.

Pics are attached :).

Thank you




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That looks well and truly bend out of shape, I'd be surprised if anyone would attempt to repair it......

I also wouldn't want to drive at any speed with that amount of damage.

Did you get any photo's of the pothole and it's exact location ?

It might be worth putting in a claim against the local authority to see if they will pay for a replacement wheel/tyre/alignment, I've heard some people get paid out on this type of damage.

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I had a dent very similar to this. Thankfully there's an alloy repair garage near me. Cost £25 to fix, but you'd need to get it repainted too and that'd cost extra (£65 for me)

Quick google search (alloy repair near essex) brought up a couple places like this:


Worth getting a quote at least, but I'd try mickey's idea of contacting the local authority. Does your insurance have legal expenses?

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Sadly I think that's too close to the spoke for anyone to straighten even with a former and hydraulic press. It will most likely fail an MOT too.

Had it been a steel wheel then having taken the wheel off the car and deflated the tyre a 4lb lump hammer would probaly knock it reasonably straight; I've done that quite a number of times when I was fitting car/van/commercial tyres over twenty-five years ago.

Also be very careful and check that the tyre isn't losing pressure; whilst it might hold up when the car is parked any cornering is likely to move the tyre bead around enough to cause a slow leak. Dribble some soapy water around the area and if you get any bubbles at all put the spare on.

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