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New 2013 Fiesta Zetec S

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When I've finished installing the grills I'll get some piccys up but for the mean time heres a few I took a few weeks ago





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Either from underneath or by taking the headlights out. You can't get to them by just pulling the surrounds off.

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any mods you done. I think wind deflectors are a MUST for any MK7+ fiesta with the black trim!

Some of the images of my car tonight.. Spent the last 2 hours washing with Meguiars ultimate wash and wax with wools mitt, dry down with microfibre clothes then extra layer of wax with Simonez Wax. God that stuff makes you work. I recon you have around 20 seconds after applying before its dry and your fu**ed then need to polish. Maybe its because the temperature dropped though.

Only managed to get a bit of each side of the car done and the bonnet.

Have also fitted new Osram Nightbreakers Plus , OSRAM cool blue side lights both of which I'm really impressed with definitely a much whiter look. Some red LED's for the footwells to match the ambient lighting.



All I'm missing now is something to apply to my alloys to protect them from the build up of brake dust - my alloys tend to be completely black after a week!

First day I got mine I washed it and applied collonite 845 wax to the body work (lasts 9-12 months) and took the wheels off and applied c5 gtechniq (lasts 6/9 months) It doesn't prevent dust build up completely but does minimise it and reduces the need to apply any chemicals when washing. I just snow foam the wheel agitate power wash off (spotless)

Yesterday I DA polished the bonnet as my car was one from the showroom it had some light swirling due to the valet monkeys at my local ford being complete muppets! Gonna go over the rest of the car when I next get a dry weekend.

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The finished article :)

I give you...........................

The Titanium S :P


Finished? Seriously? Needs a wash... (says the one who didn't wash the last car more than 4 times in 20 months, 2 times of which were weeks before it went :P )

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