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James ADI

New Member With New Fiesta

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Hi Guys

Finally made the effort to become a member after looking throught the posts for years.

Had fiesta's from a mk1 which was my first car and used a ford in most of my driving life.. Been a driving instructor in Oxfordshire for nearly 15 years with a Fiesta being my most popular choice.

The car i'm replacing is a mk6 zetec blue 1.4tdci that has done so well in the 5 years i've had it with now 135k in mileage.

Today i took delivery of my new fiesta zetec 1.6tdci ECOnetic. Only driven it home and it was a real joy, handles lovely round the corners and the smooth ride has something to do with the 14" rims that look wierd. Only thing is the interior looks cheap full of plastic something i will just have to get used to.


Look forward to adding input when required.


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Why not get the cheapish plastic interior upholstered maybe in leather or something? lol Welcome to the club

I'm going to be spending most of my time looking out so shouldn't be a problem but i guess i could get someone to have a look at it.if it still offends me in a few months time, my last car had blue interior so it just looks different.

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Welcome to the forum James,

Lovely looking motor,

You may also like to log on to DMB Graphics for some Gel badge overlays to fit over your existing blue ford badges or vintage ford decals: http://www.dmb.uk.co...es-gel-overlays You may also like to browse my list guides all linked below this post, most of the guides are available in PDF format to download and print aswell as viewing online, all performed on a focus but some are compatable on your motor.

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