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Ecoboost 1.0T Mpg & Ecomode Owner Results

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Yeah, the figures are heavily inflated, shock. Pretty sure they all do it, they test it in perfect conditions so no wonder its a lot higher in the tests.

Had 55mpg on a long run yesterday, not bad.

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As I'm about to take delivery of my Red Edition Ecoboost 1.0 I am especially interested in the comments about sticking to Shell and potentially getting a worthwhile return on the Super unleaded.

Anyone done a controlled back to back and reckon it's worth it?

Also wondering whether to start it off on super or the cooking stuff.

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I would add that i am a little disappointed with the MPG i get out of my 125ps Zetec S. I used to drive a little 08plate 1.0 toyota yaris and sure enough it never went particularly fast, think it had 68hp but it usually got 52-57MPG (its stated combined was 55MPG). Note this was also doing short journeys of about 12miles usually to university and back.

Anyway i have managed to hold on to all 13 petrol receipt i've had while owning my Fiesta (only owned it 6 months now and usually fill the tank completely so hasn't been hard) and I scribble my odometer readings on the back of them. The figures show the fuel i've used £446 worth of mostly Shell as its local and resulting MPG averaging at 46.9MPG. My dash MPG always states 49-53 odd MPG which is annoying now as i know its overestimating. I am also averaging 11.95p/mile. These averages have dropped quite a bit during winter. I would upload the data but dont think it will let me.

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On motorways I get 53-55mpg on normal roads I get 43 average and in winter on normal. Roads I get 33-35 but on a lighter note I went to blackpool and back (from central scotland) and only used 3/4 of a tank

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Had my black edition a week now, not a long time but I've had some really good figures out of it, you can hit over 50mpg if you're really careful on m roads, my main driving is town though, I'd be lucky to get 35ish... That's with a little bit of a heavy foot. Still really happy though!

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