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Dump Valve For Fiesta Ecoboost

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Hi i was wondering if anyone has fitted a dump valve to the ecoboost , and what the make of the kit was ? , I know that the ecoboost is a Eco car but it has a turbo ;p haha

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Fit a saber EDV (electronic dump valve)


Your turbo won't produce enough boost to generate a loud enough blow off from your engine.

So the electronic is the next best thing lol atleast yo can switch it off after a week or two when the novelty wears off.

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Thanks for all the help ;p it's sounds more of a hassle for not much gain other than a noise :P

Thanks John :)

Most of the people that fit them do so because of the noise - they want their road-going boy racer Subaroo etc to sound like a rally car

They were originally fitted to race/ wally cars to improve throttle response after a gearchange, because of the air "hitting" the throttle butterflie/s the air flow can "stall" and "bounce back" even causing the compressor to "flutter"/ slow down

with the dump valve (properly fitted/ set up) on a gearchange when the butterflie/s close instead of the air in the boost pipes "stopping" it gets "dumped" out of the dump valve so the momentum of the air continues to flow and the compressor continues to spin, so when the throttle is opened again (after a gearchange) more boost is available sooner (less lag) - this only applies to turbo cars with throttle butterflies - ie petrol turbo

Modern turbo engines have sophisticated systems under the control of the ECU, some of these "recirculate" the boost so it is not wasted (better for economy) or the dump valve is internal and quiet

I have 2 dump valves on mine -

1 when i lift off/ change gear the air is released from the actuator, so the wastegate is (always) shut when i come back on the power so the turbo spools quicker, improving throttle response after lifting off/ changing gear (it works in a similar way to a petrol turbo dump valve, though it does not "hiss", it "dumps" the air out of the actuator, it could be described as an "ant- lag" system)

2 an adjustable mechanical dump/ blow off valve is connected to vent the air pressure from the inlet manifold, if it goes above a certain level, so if the boost control systems fail, (including the wastegate/ actuator etc) or i turn my electronic boost controller too high, or the boost "spikes" it will "dump" the exess pressure, this is more of a "safety device" and could work on any turbo car, though it does "dump" air out of the inlet manifold - this hisses if it opens but is more of a constant hss than a "pssht"

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