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Help With A New Radio

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I have a focus mk 1.5 I think , 2003

I want to upgrade my radio, was thinking of just putting a normal one in but didn't want to loose my steering controls !

Im looking at getting another ford one but later model, just want to know if any will work with in reason from a ford

I have this one at mo


if I want aux out on this I need some dear adaptor about £40 so may as well upgrade to something like one of these below...


This one is on ebay and local to me, hes after £40 buy It now or 99p bidding at mo !


Think im right in saying I can buy a lead like this for £7 and then I can plug aux inputs in ?


thanks for help

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I believe none of them will fit as they are from the mk2 and there for have a different connection that plugs in the back

the mk2's have a quad lock connector which is different to what the mk1 has

i think your best option will be getting an aftermarket head unit with a fitting kit

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Sorry to burst your bubble but the radios you've listed are for a Mk2 and onwards only.

If you go for one of these you'll have a 6 disc unit.


If you stay with your current radio you can fit one of these-


It plugs into the CD changer port on the back.

There is always the option of fitting an aftermarket single din radio with an USB port for connecting iPod's etc but would need a fascia adaptor and a loom/controller cable too.

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Oh noooooo !

I take it there are no convertors then ?

So best option is probably just buy a surround and buy a normal cd player, which does mp3's etc then !


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what sort of head unit would you like?

would you want a fancy double din touch screen or would you be happy with a single din that you can plug your ipod into?

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the second link i linked looks pretty good

100quid for a pioneer single din with a usb and aux socket on the front and comes with the complete fitting kit

covers all focus's from 98 to 04

does your focus have volume controls on the steering wheel?

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brigante - that's great help, thankyou !

yes I have steering wheel controls - will this still work or will I have to buy another adaptor/convertor ?


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it says on the listing if you have stalk controls you'll need a different adaptor

what i would say do is simply message the seller n ask em to link you to the exact kit you need for the steering controls

its what i did. i bought my fitting kit from this same seller so i can vouch for em n at the time they was the cheapest around undercutting what i thought was the cheapest kit by 10quid

for example, the same pioneer head unit from halfrauds will cost 100quid


but from dynamic sound it also comes with everything you need to fit it for the same price

bargain to be fair

what i'd say do is mooch through halfrauds


find a stereo you like then contact dynamic sound n ask em if they do the same one with the kit included

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