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Replaced Injectors Poor Mpg?

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54 plate Mondeo 2.0 tdci 115.

Due to smoking and erratic idle and some flat spots I spent £700 on getting the 4 injectors refurbed and recoded.

The car started perfectly this morning and drives smoothly and pulls well but for some reason my mpg is worse now than before the injectors were replaced???? I didn't think that there would be a need for them to bed in or anything as they have just been recoded but am I wrong?

Can anyone explain why the MPG after a 1hr run on the motor way at 75mph would only be 42mpg????? I was geting 47-50 with the knackered injectors!

Cheers all

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Did you/they reset the ECU? They should have (they should have d/c'd the battery to do the job anyway, but you'd be amazed how many garages don't bother, to save time).

Take the battery negative off for about 20 mins, then reconnect. See if that helps.

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£700 seems to be really steep for recond/coding. They probably just fitted new nozzles. theres a place that does a complete kit,valves/nozzles for £200,cant remember where though. Think its a polish company but Ive heard good things about the kit he does freom a guy in fife.Its maybe a little bit more now though. can you let us know what curious to know what went wrong

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Think it was £680 for 4 refurbed injectors and recoding and ecu reset though I had other quotes of over a grand!!!! Il try the battery reset just in case but everything was reset when I picked car up as had to reset the 1 touch windows ect. Really annoying after spending £1700! Also had the clutch changed and the DMF plus some other bits - was hoping to get the car running like new!!!!

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