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Weird Noise On My St24

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Hey to all avid Ford fans,

I seek some advice please regarding my recent purchase of a Mondy ST24.

Quite often and gaining in frequency, a noise appears from the front of car. It varies in duration and when it there, it drowns the car it that noisy. My lovelly ST24 is drawing looks for the wrong reasons, lol. It appears not to be engine (revs) related and comes and goes. It does sound like the kinda noise you sometimes get from flushing a loo, that droaning kinda noise.

The air con switch light always stays on and does not go out when pressed, not sure if that plays a part.

Any one experienced this kinda noise? shed any light?

I am not mechanically gifted of financially for that matter so any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


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Difficult to say, but my first port of call would be the hose between the intercooler and EGR as they are prone to splitting. I don't know much about your car, but it's a very common problem on the Mk3 Mondeo and as such, most folks replace them with non-splitting silicon equivalents.

If it isn't that, then the only other places I've ever heard such a noise would be brake pads worn down to the metal, or running with insufficient coolant/liquid in the system.

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found a video of a moosing st 24 which you can compair too, usually cured by fitting a longer pipe to the inlet manifold boot.

Thanks for this, the weird noise is pretty much identical to this, but somewhat louder. Not being mechanically minded, i will get a mate to check the inlet manifold boot pipe for me. Will advise how it goes.

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