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Here are a couple of pics of my new Focus with mods I've managed so far. I hope to modify it more as and when funds allow.






Got a couple of mods under my belt already.

Smooth Rear Wiper (From my old Focus)


DeTango'd rear lights.


DeTango'd mirror indicators


LED PuddleLights


Orange and Black Steering Wheel badge and 2 Spokes of steering wheel carbon wrapped!


The Factory LED rears are a subtle change to the standard option lights!



Fitted an LED Reverse bulb.


Also fitted Number Plate LEDs from my old Focus.


Decided to upgade the sidelights.

LED Vs Normal bulb


LED matches Xenon better


Both LED Sidelights in!


Decided to Carbon Wrap Stereo Surround and centre console to match the spokes on the steering wheel.


I got some alloys cheap with decent tyres on!

New Vs Old


The car then had a wash and positioned in the sun to show its colour and new shoes off!


Think the colours go quite well together.


I decided to take the plunge and try to wrap the rear diffuser! After fighting with it for a little while I'm reasonably happy with it.


So after wrapping the diffuser decided to have a go at the Chrome Boot Handle.


And a pic of the 2 together.


Decided to cheat and buy an already wrapped bonnet lip. Unfortunately it's a copy part that has been wrapped so fit isn't perfect but pretty happy with it!

So it's gone from Chrome lip,


To no lip,


To Carbon Wrapped lip!


While i was playing Thought I'd have a go at doing the fog light rings.



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Cheers guys!

DanGersFord I want to do the twin reverse light but not sure how to sort the Fog light?

Also looking at door handle LEDs and maybe some DRLs.

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looking good and liking the carbon wrap.the wheels suit the car well.

was the carbon wrap easy to do?as thinking of trying it my self and are the fog surounds and bonnet suround easy to take off?

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Cheers B4zz.

Wrapping isn't to hard gets easier with practice but I cheated with bonnet lip and bought a pre wrapped one off Ebay.

Bonnet lip is held on with 3 lugs and sticky strips so just a case of gently pulling it off, and the fog rings needs a gentle push out of the surrounds! Rings were a pig to wrap though!

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Looks great , wheels look much better i hated the titanium wheels on my old focus they were terrible to clean

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Cheers Preee! Yeah the titanium wheels weren't my favourite design either, like the mondeo rims but originally was toying with painting the centre body colour and having the lip Silver/Chrome but found these ones at a bargain price. They could do with a refurb as there are a few blemishes but do I keep them this colour or go with original plan?

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cheers for the advie about the bonnet lip and fog surounds fella.

well done on getting in auto express

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Not updated here for a while, So after a little time and effort my Led Rears went from bright chrome effect.


To lightly tinted.


The difference between standard bright and Fly eye tinted!


I got offered a hardly used K&N so thought it'd be rude not to.


Tried it without the cover on but it sounded like the exhaust was blowing so decided to stick the cover back on!

Finally got round to doing Twin Reverse Lights!


Also the chap that made my ST style wing badges made me matching Ford badges!





I've also got the wheel badges but not got them on yet.

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liking the rear lights they look much better.

was the fly eye kit a pain to do as I am thinking of smoked rear light for mine at some point but don't seem to find any so might go down the fly eye route

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Cheers b4zz!

The fly eye wasn't to bad as I have only done the flat area of the light I'm sure if you take your time and heat it you'd be able to get a decent finish on the curved part of the lights aswell though!

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