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Summits Burning

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jumped in motor this morning to take other half to work....5 mins in smelt burning...then noticed dash lights had died...and all outside lights had died as well...outside lights working now....but aint left then on..just flicked on/off...(too scared) lol...dash lights are still dead...all dash lights are dead..only got dash lights when i turn on ignition

smell is stronger from rear driver side light...peeled the wee bit o carpet back and wow...

anybody any ideas ?

cheers guys ;-)

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Can I suggest that you do not drive the car until you have found the source of this potential fire risk!

Sounds to me like you have for wires melting and sorting out somewhere for some reason

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just been at it...and hoping i have sourced the problem...to get it through its M.O.T ... i wired in 2 LED panels instead of the festoon bulbs for number plate lights...as the connections were rotten and fell apart when i took festoon out to change it...checked LED panels there just now and they are pot black and melted...

can only think that maybe water has got into the panels...that would cause this yeah ???

i am going back out shortly to do away with the panels and tape the wires up for now...then change the fuse...so fingers crossed this is problem solved

cheers for info guys ;)

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For the number plate bulbs?

yeah soz Dan...just in there and seen msg...i got it sussed...just before M.O.T i tried to change a number plate bulb and the connection fell apart in my hand...so i rigged up a couple of led panels...just to get me through M.O.T

led panels were burnt good style...tried to upload a pic to show you the nick but wont let me lol

just taped number plate light wires up..changed the fuse and bingo

cheers for you help Dan/Stef :P

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