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No Glow Plug Light On Startup

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Hi all

I've got a focus 2012 model 1.6 diesel tdci and have got used to the glow plug light coming on every time I go to start up the engine.

Anyway I recently returned from holiday (car had been left in the car park for 2 weeks untouched) turned the key and the glow plug light didn't come on. Starter okay though.

It has continued in the same vein for the remainder of this week.....v strange!!??

Is the above normal for new Diesel engines? Bearing in mind that it had been abit warmer than the usual near-zero temperatures (nearer to the mid teens). I'm not aware if outside temperature has an effect on whether the glow plugs are required for the start-up though

Thoughts and wisdom welcomed as ever guys (n gals)



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Yes, normal. Mine wasn't on this morning either. If the ambient temperature is warm enough like today, you won't notice the glow plug light.

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