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Passenger Dipped Bulb Blown

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Mine blew literally as I parked at home last night.

changed it this morning took a whooping 20 mins mainly the fiddling with the spring clip. One cut from taking the electrical connector off and my hand just bashed the side tray of the battery tray oops.

very fiddly. but managed to do with only taking the battery cover off.

I only changed it about a year ago and did not touch the glass.

I bet the drivers side goes now lol .. although space is plentiful there.

once you figure the clip out, its ok.

my top is use a mirror or look at drivers side.

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or like some french auto's where you have to remove the bumper to get at a screw to release the headlight unit to remove the set to pull out the bulb - to redo it allllllll again!!!

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oh aye, i know what your saying jee. I had a certain french before my focus... Had to remove the throttle cable and assy just to get in and i've got techy hands! lol

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cars these days so much monkeying about to do a simple thing lol.

Here's my guide

step 1: open bonet locate the offending bulb side. push metal hanger clip down. winch in pain as you push hard then it flys down smacking you hands up.

step 2: arms with a plaster and tears wiped away, 30 mind later. remove weathersheild. pull electrical connector off same thing happens as before one more cut and cry session. neighbor comes out ... mutter you still trying to change a bulb coupled with laughter .. well jokes on them they have a citreon xantia ... which spends its adult life in the garage muwhaha

step 3 remove a spring clip you cannot see and have no idea how it secures the bulb, just push shove till you hear ping either a filling dropped it the clip did.

step 4. neighbor back with more unhelpful comments such as if the spotty geek at halfords can do it you nut be seriously thick or one fingered. did u just drop self tapping screws near his car .. no wasn't me.

step who cares, patience goes and you start spitting at the light putting a evil curse on it. not clever as you now need to resassenvle it.

job done easy peasy at least I didn't have to remove a bumper lol

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Thanks jeeb, my first guide, thought it was quite handy. It feels good to give back to the community.

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hahaha kinda reminds me of those Dave clips on top gear etc...

Where she has the wrong bulb, the bulb is then stolen. The guys light falls out and has to take a call. etc lol

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