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Power Fold Mirrors

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Hi I'm new to this forum and have got a facelift 2010 S-Max Titanium.

Recently someone smashed my right wing mirror in whilst my car was parked overnight and now needs some replacement parts. I am now also considering getting power folding mirrors as careless driving seems to be a problem on my street.

1. Has any one converted from normal to power folding mirrors? Is this a straightforward change, i.e. plug and play?

2. Does anyone know what bulb I need to get for the side indicator lights?

Any comments/advice appreciated.

Many thanks,

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Powerfold mirrors MAY be supported by your car's gem and MAY potentially be enabled on the GEM by use of ELM Config, however, if the wiring harnass is not present or configured appropriately then the purchase will be a waste of time.

Check the wiring schematics for your car, and if you can find the appropriate wires in the harnass, then you could add this functionality, but may need to invest in modifying an ELM 327 cable and ELM Config, or borrowing one appropriately. If you cannot find the wires though, dont waste your time effort or money!

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Agreed, this is one of those functions better off specced from the factory.

And ELMConfig unfortunately doesn't have the Power Fold option within its menu, at least for the S-Max...

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