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Professional Valet Or Home Valet?

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Hey Hey,

Just have a quick question to all of the Ford fans out here. The Focus has been getting extremely dirty due to many different factors, i.e friends eating in the car, smokers in the car, dust and other every possible option of getting the car dirty. :/

Been willing to clean the car out for a long time but haven't done a full valet before, and want to make sure that it looks like it's brand new from the factory (or close enough to it :D )

What do you guys think will i better get the full valet or do the valeting myself at home?

UKPhilLad B)

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It depends how much attention to detail you're willing to give :p giving a car the full works isn't an easy job either. You'll be knackered!

But it'll give you a huge sense of achievement :D I find it therapeutic cleaning my car :p

At the same time how easy is it to pay some guys around £30 and they do all the hard work in quick time. But they cut corners, your paintwork will become swirl city and they won't get into every nook and cranny.

Being me Id never let anyone near my car to clean it but its totally up to you

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Got to be a done yourself!

Dedicate a day or so, get some good gear and crack on. Take your time. It sounds like your after more of a detailed finish as opposed to a valet.

Detailing is mega addictive and rewarding.

But I warn you it can be expensive!

I'm a serious obsessive. A quick maintenance wash often turns into hours once I start noticing little bits that others may not. Lol

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I may be biased, but a proper professional valeter (not the hand car washes :angry: ) will have the equipment, insurance and techniques to get a better result.

If you fancy tackling the exterior yourself, then just have the interior valeted so all your fabrics etc are cleaned. Then you can spend your time on the exterior.

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I cleaned the full interior of my focus with a rig doctor for the roof seats and the floor and a steam cleaner for the plastics and other hard to reach places then dryed it all and polished the plastics with a shoe polish sponge make sure it's suitable for all colour types and now my interior looks good as new mind it did take almost 5,1/2 hours from start to finish

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If its that bad get it professionally done if you can't be bothered with tackling it yourself and then just keep on top of it giving it a hoover and dust/wipe down every week or two. I have banned eating and smoking in my car, its amazing how much cleaner it stays inside (although I did have a cheeky maccys in there the other day - don't tell the Mrs)

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