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Fiesta Zetec S Bumper Query

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Hi Guys,

First post so hello!

I have a quick question which hopefully someone may have thought of doing before or may be able to give advice/guidance.

I recently hit a deer with my lovely, less than a month old 2011 Fiesta Zetec S (1.6 Petrol) which unfortunately has duffed up my front bumper, grill, and headlamp.

Rather than blown my 5 years no claims i would prefer to do the sourcing/fitting myself as luckily no body panels were damaged and it appears to be purely bumper damage, however after looking around, and asking ford it appears that ill need to be spending £300+ for a primed new bumper, so add £120-150 for a respray it comes to a pretty penny, that is, once i actually FIND a bumper in panther black for a 2011 zetec s that is in half decent condition.

I'm wondering if the bumper fittings for the standard fiestas (titanium, style ect..) are the same as the Zetec S as the only difference i can see with the Zetec front bumper is the lower spoiler. Reason for this is that im wondering if its more cost effective to purchase a black bumper for a standard fiesta for around £50-70 and add something similar to this;


Just to add that "Zetec S" touch.

What would you guys advise?


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The Zetec S bumper has holes in for tabs from lower skirt to slot in to. Just bear in mind that if you go for standard bumper and add ZS skirt later you have to cut the tabs off and use adhesive/sealant to attach it.

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Thats what I was worried about, the genuine zetec s bumper has those holes for the lower spoiler which im guesguessing allows for easy removal/replacement but if I went the "aftermarket" route id have to bond it to the standard bumper.

So are the actual bumper to bodywork fittings the same? From what I can see there is bolts on either side that attach the bumper to the side panels. Unless theres some more hidden away.

Thanks for your input :)

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Try this site they sell genuine Ford part cheaper than Ford and you should be able to get the bumper sprayed already panther black just fill in the parts request form

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Ive hunted around a few breakers but the general jist seems to be that they dont break down cars this modern because they get more for the car as a whole! At least in here bumpkin countryside they do :)

Aye indeed! Ive checked ebay and there are a few zetec s bumpers but they've either had a lot of repair work done or they are scratched and would need more money on repair work than buying a new one! Nightmare!

Although I prefer the aftermarket front spoilers I dont want to commit to it then realise nothing fits quite as snug as it should and im left with a bumper that doesn't go on me car!

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