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Hi Guys,

Need some advice with my Fiesta. I have a 2008 (08 Plate) MK6 Fiesta Ghia TDCi. There's a problem with my Auto wiper system where by if I click the stalk up one click to Auto/Intermittent it will activate the Wiper Blades up but then they stop half way through the cycle at the top of the windscreen but won't return to the bottom. But they will automatically return to the bottom to start a new cycles about 20 seconds later but then stop at the top again and so on.If i need to return them to the home position I have to pull and hold the stalk down til they return then let go... VERY annoying if i'm on the motorway and it's spitting with rain. But if the Auto wipers start doing a more regular rhythm i.e the program above intermittent they will work absolutely fine and you'd never know there was a problem and that's the same with any other program if I push the stalk all the way up to full power rapid wipe. It's very frustrating problem but can't work out what the issue is... I thought it could be my Wiper Blades sticking to the windscreen and then it just stopping so 2 days ago I bought brand new blades as they needed it anyway as old one were all frayed and split but it is still having the problem on the intermittent wipe... I have pretty much zero knowledge with car repairs or troubleshooting but I don't think it will be a motor program as it's working fine on all the other programs. I'm not sure if its like something as simple as a fuse or if I have to replace one of those black relay thingys somewhere!

Please could anybody kind enough have a stab at this as I'm useless and can't afford to go to a garage and pay through the nose for them to investigate lol!

Kindest Regards James!! :)

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Ok... Going to sound awesomely daft... Is that the big box things that are above my fuse board which is behind my glove compartment or will it be somewhere else?

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Awesome... where can I find this internal fuse box? is it not the one behind the glove box? Tried looking in the little book that came with the car but it doesn't mention anything about the internal fuse box... If one of the relays has gone is as simple as ordering a new one and pulling out the broken one and sticking a new one in? like changing a fuse?

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