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Interior And Exterior Care!

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Hi guys,

So my brand new zetec arrives next week. My first ever new car! Can't wait.

After doing the research, I'll be declining the DiamondBrite treatment at £300.

But I want to protect it as best I can. Can anyone suggest the best way to do this?

Scotch guard for the interior? And what to do for the exterior, its Frozen white, so I really want to keep it looking amazing.

Thanks all!

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Well if mine is anything to go by its going to need cleaning once a fortnight at the least!

When we do mine, we snowfoam it, use wonderwheels to get the crap off, hose it all down then bucket and sponge it.

If you realllyyyy want it to stay the best it can, get some Meguiars wax and wax the whole thing.

You get so many bug splatters on it and they just come off a lot easier when it's been waxed, we had to clay bar mine to get them off forst time around o_o

As for the interior is it leather or fabric interior?

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I have a spare diamondbrite set. Paintwork and interior £40 and its yours...

Apply c5 techniq to the wheels for 12 months of amazing protection and cover the exterior with the diamondbrite followed by collonite 845 (best wax out there) the collonite last upto 12 months too and the beading is just awesome.

I always snow foam and wash with the two bucket method using chemical guys Diablo gel for the wheels.

Check out cleanyourcar.co.uk for all your supplies.



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Thanks for the help guys.

Doing it myself will certainly save me money on what the dealer is offering!

That's why I bought a couple of the diamondbrite kits for £100, as I say there's a full kit spare its yours if you want it.

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If you want to protect it in the best way possible, the basic rules I follow are:

Always use the two bucket method (One with your shampoo solution, and the other with clean water to rinse your dirty wash mit). Never ever use a sponge, any grit or loose dirt collects on the surface of the sponge and will have a sandpaper effect causing swirl marks. A microfibre mit is your best bet. Wouldn't use a shammy either, an old soft towel will do the job - pat the surfaces dry rather than rubbing.

My Fiesta came with a Diamondbrite kit thrown in to the deal, so I tended to only use those products on it. My Focus didn't come with any of that, so was a bit of a fresh start!

I use snow foam which is very good when the car is caked, and Meguiars products are very good (if a bit pricey!). I'd avoid the really cheap stuff in Halfords, spend a little more for mid-range if Meguiars is a bit of a stretch. I don't think Wonder Wheels is a particularly good option for the wheels - it may remove tough brake dust, but if you get it on your hands it burns, which makes me wonder if it actually does any good for the longevity of the lacquer.

I clay my car about once every six months - you do need patience as it takes a while, but the effects are amazing for a mirror like finish. After a clay, always then wax the car as that way you'll ensure it's protected from the elements.

One product I love is Rain X... apply it to your windscreen and side windows and you'll barely need your wipers!

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