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Paint Removal?

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Hello all,

I'm hoping someone has had this problem before and wonder if anyone can shed some light for me. I've posted some pics for you to look at. They are not very clear but what you see is white paint on my right hand rear door. It's been on there for a little while and I'm wondering how to remove it. I've tried fine clay but that doesn't seem to move it. Would aggressive clay work? I also has a dual action machine witha good selection of pads and compounds but I mostly use Meguiars ultimate compound. Would that shift it with either a heavy polishing pad or a light cutting pad? Or somewhere I. That region. I have loads of different types of pads just wondering anyone has done this before.

Again sorry for rubbish pics but because it's light paint and it's a nice Sunny day.. bit hard to get good pics.

On more thing... How hard is ford paint in general. My car is a 2010/11 if that helps.

Many thanks





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Ford paint is classed as a medium paint - not too hard, not too soft.

Meg's ultimate compound would defo get that out with the use of a DA. Which pads are you using?

I would recommend an orange hex logic if it's stubborn. They're a very good heavy cut pad

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paint thinner used gingery!

worked removing the extra lacquer a customer used to touch his paint up on his part ex

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What's gingery? The pads I have are lake country constant pressure pads. From heavy cut to final finish. So I'd imagine the orange pads will work a treat with a dual action. I've also got some fairly aggressive clay. Some meduim grade bilt hamber.do you think that will help to? I've gone from using megs fine grade to this. Will I see a difference?

Many thanks

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