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How To Reset Gem? Mk7 - Blown The Interior Light

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I've been messing with my interior light n 'tripped' all the electrics in the Fiesta MK7 (2009)

I disconnected the battery n reconnected and everything seems to be working now apart from the interior light.

All fuses are still intact, so I'm thinking the GEM has tripped the interior light circuit.

Is there a way of resetting the GEM or any other way of fixing this issue?

I didn't touch the bulb so that isn't the problem, I think I might have knocked a connector on the interior light which triggered it.

Any help on how to get my interior light working again will be great.

Thanks, Callum

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Probably a blown fuse, interior lights like to eat plenty of them. Check behind the glove box for the little blighter. You'll need to check the handbook for which one it is, unless someone know's off the top of their head.

Be prepared to go through a good number of fuses on this one, I'm leaving mine be on the new motor because I went through a light unit and 9 fuses trying >.<

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No fuses are blown, I've checked them all, I believe there is short circuit protection in the GEM, but i think its still tripped, It needs resetting but not sure how :(

Thanks, Cal

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I don't believe the MK7 has any such feature. The most likely cause is a bent pin on the metal board on the top of the interior light.

To prove this do you have a multimeter so you can test the wire for the interior light?

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Yeah, Ill test it when I have a spare min.

Whats the voltage? Usual 12v?

I never really touched the metal board on the back, I simply wanted to know what connectors n wire colour / combinations are there to fit a second interior light.

Hope I can get it sorted soon, my interior it currently stripped for a few changes, when its all back together having no interior light is gunna really bug me lol

Thanks guys,


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