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Common Faults 2.0/2.2 Tdci 2008-2010

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Evening all,

Hope to rejoin the blue badge club very soon in a Mondeo diesel estate, either the 140PS 2.0l or 175l 2.2l.

They would be high mileage (120-140k) in the price range that I'm looking at, what should I look out for?

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don't know what everyone else thinks but my mechanic doesn't rate the new diesels as they're prone to injector fail and its a case of having the injector coded to the car he sees many off them with the same problem

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They are good cars and you get a lot for your money, apart from the injectors (allegedly the injectors are better/ tougher/ more reliable than the mk3 TDCI Delphi ones) and the DMF, the DPF can give trouble (all mk4s have them) with forced regen/ constant forced regen, choked DPFs being a problem, the EGR can give trouble, with stuck valves, inlets cokeing up (usual)

If the EGR is blanked (solid plate) it can throw up EMLs, and many owners just clean out the EGR/ manifold and dissconect one of the plugs/ wires to disable the EGR

The DPF can be phisically removed and deleted in software, some companies offer a remap/ DPF removal and stainless sports exhaust as a package

You've obviously done your research as the 2.0L 140 and 2.2 175s are the best ones

the 140PS version of the 2.0L has more bottom-end torque than the 162, (so is quicker in some circumstances) and the 140 can be remapped to give more power than the 162 anyway (probably for less overall cost)

The 175 2.2 is one of the best (if you can find one, it was replaced by the 162PS 2.0, and the 200PS 2.2) it can be tweaked to give more power than the 200PS (up to 220HP) and is more "tunable" than even a remapped 200PS 2.2

The Titanium x is nicely appointed/ kitted out and some real bargains can be had (compared to BMW/ Audi etc)

They sit nicely on the road (with good steering/ grip etc) and don't feel as big as they are, but are more motorway cruisers. On twisty b- roads, where there is no hiding the bulk & weight (depends what you are used to/ the type of "driver" you are etc)

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I think the only problem nath is that yours is a company car isnt it? (lease car?) so you wont be able to do half of these mod's?

If its a lease car you could fit a tuning box or Bluefin, that can be removed/ reset for servicing and can be transferred to other cars / resold (Bluefin can be transferred upto 12months after initial purchase, often free ) the EGR can also be disabled, and if nessesary "enabled"

In general theyre money pits in my experience lol

Its a mk4, not a mk3,

And many modern diesels are similar, often its about good servicing, (prevention) making the right decisions, buying the right replacement parts (eg - better ones) at the right time etc / getting the right advice

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Hi I've got a 2.2 txs 2009 , with 65000 , it runs like a new car, I REALY love it, packed with xstras , not the best mpg at 37 mpg but if you drive like miss days u might get 45 mpg? , but if you after brill mpg your better with the 1.8 !

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I have just brought a 2009 2.2tdci estate titanium x sport with 33,800 miles. it even got a sun roof. once I'm used to the car I want to map it out to get the best mpg. my focus was getting 71mpg alll day. so I'll miss that but hey that's a zetec so I've got a cracker of a car now. bought it for 10,000. it's got satnav also. it's a beast of a car.

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