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Bored Of Gaming

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I used to be quite interested in gaming. I used to own a PS2, then a PS3, now I own an Xbox 360. I placed an order for the PS4 together with some games. But I cancelled the order (or at least they say they've cancelled the order and it will shows up as 'undespactched' and not 'cancelled'.)

I have gotten bored of gaming since I've been off work on the sick. I might quit gaming altogether and concentrate on my photography (I'm wanting it as a full time job). I might do a little gaming on the PC at some point.

Does anyone else feel they have gotten board of gaming?

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I have four new PC games by my computer as I have

  1. No time to play.
  2. Can't be bothered anymore.
  3. Seemingly more important things to do (have to fit a new oven/hob tonight as the missus decided to blow them up)

I'm not letting her touch any more electrical stuff as she's busted a washing machine, oven and shower pump in the last 30 days.

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Its like the novelty wears off, i only play on xbox live still because its an easy way to talk to friends at University or the other side of the country or world plus i despise most TV shows and only watch a select few geeky things like Top Gear, ACI, Wheeler Dealers and Pawn Stars, yes i am very boring....

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I only watch a few programmes..

I bought L.A. and completed around 6 cases until I went on Minecraft on and off deciding what to build. I just got bored of it. Now I just can't be ar'ed competing Noire any more.

I might have got sick of gaming because I'm at home from work in the sick due to painful leg ulcers just behind my ankle bone. I promised myself that I would go fishing (fly & course) more this year but I've only been nearly every day during one week in Scotland. And I went fishing for the first time near home yesterday.

Now that I'm skint again from buying the new car, I can't afford to be off work. But I just can't stand up all day at work, so I have to be on the sick.

I hate my life sometimes.

Sorry for the rant.

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Decided to sell my xbox and games. Just lost interested.

Now I have more time to go fishing and tie salmon, brown trout and sea trout flies :)




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I don't tie many myself. I used to do but I couldn't be bothered any more. But now that I've lost interest in gaming, I have plenty of time.

I'm selling my gaming stuff. But I'm thinking about ordering the Xbox One closer to the release date. I might change my mind again though.

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