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Ka 1.3 2004 Duratec Engine Warning Light Come On????

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I fited a new thermostat housing to my daughters 04 KA a few days ago and changed the oil and filter at the same time....its not been used since...I started it to move it today and noticed the the engine warning light has come on...the one the handbook says stop right away and take to an expert,

There is plenty of oil and water and brake fluid ect....what else could cause this light to come on,

Just to test to see if the low coolant warning light was working after I fitted the thermostat housing, I ran the engine for about 5-10 secs with no coolant...I wonder if that has triggered it,

Is there anyway to re-set the sys.


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give the electric connections a good hosing with wd40 where you done any work to the car then take the connections off the battery and leave off overnight then refit them and try the car.

if manage ment light is still on check all connections are well pushed home. i had same & after a couple of days it sorted it's self out after the wd40 on all connections. most prob just a loose connection somewhere.

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Think I have sorted on another forum that if you keep the trip pressed and turn the ing on and still keep it prssed...some codes come on the display...scrol through by pressing the trip....he said it also re-set the faul light which it did...

I think it must have sensced low coolant.


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well done nick glad its all sorted. next time do not run without coolant even for a few seconds

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