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Paint Issue

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Hi all,

The other day I noticed an issue with the front left passenger door. Now I'm pretty sure when I got my new used car on the 10th of June that it was not like that.

Annoyingly I took some pics when I got the new used fiesta zetec 08 car but didn't take a picture of the left side.

Anyways I'm not sure what's happened or what's caused it or what action I should take.

Here is a pic I've attached.




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That picture is awful! I should sue you for the neck pain I might acquire!

Back on topic, has the car been reprayed or part-sprayed? That's what it looks like to be but I'm not an expert. Looks like it is micro-blistering, which may only come up after some fairly hot/cold weather. It's a pretty significant respray if it is!

Can't help on the how to fix though, things I've looked at in the past has suggested a sand down and spray which is obviously dangerous in its self.

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Yeah funny enough my brothers gf who is training to be a sprayer said it could be micro blistering.

Was thinking of getting some stuff from halfords to sort of make it look half descent again. I can imagine a respray of the entire door might be somewhat exspensive.

On a good note I found out the black colour user was panther black.

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I saw that halfords do a repair kit for scratches and chips and I was wondering it this is at least a way to make it look not as bad as it is?

I know th colour of the car is panther black.

My brothers gf has been trained to be sprayer for card so I may ask her advise as well on what to do.

Either way I'm pretty sure the car didn't have this micro blistering when I viewed it and maybe they polished that up real good to make it not noticeable.

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Sure it isn't bird !Removed!? My car has recently been **** on and it looks very similar ;-)

I did think that myself but I'm thinking can bird crap cause those type of line marks? And I don't remember seeing any bird crap since I've had the car lol

Plus some of those marks feel/look like scratches.

Ps when I uploaded the pic some reason it got put at a different angle lol

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I had bird muck on the roof. It left the paint looking slightly dull. Tried to T-cut out on a cold day which didn't work. Tried again on a hot day and all traces of the muck came off. Think the heat opens up the paint surface.

Worth parking it in the sun and T-cut it

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