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2.0 Tdci "surging"

rough running

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#16 muggo



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  • Name: Paul
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Posted 26 June 2014 - 09:27 PM

I've just had this very problem. Mine was also accompanied with a judder on over run around 2000-2250 rpm when I backed off gradually on the accelerator. From a stand still it looked like the end of the world in my rear view mirror because the smoke was getting gradually. I took the usual wishful thinking steps by servicing. Next step I took the egr valve off and then the inlet manifold and cleaned the inch thick layers of carbon off and put it all back together. Took it for a spin. Still the same. Only slightly less black smoke. By chance I checked the intercooler hoses and found a split. Not all the way through but being held together by the weave inside the hose. Replaced with a silicone one and took out for a spin. Power totally restored no smoke no surging no juddering on over run and more importantly. Mpg up from a terrible 44.2 to an impressive IMO 54.6 mpg. All for a 20 quid silicone hose from flee bay.

Thanks for all your help & advice Stevo.  

I have a Haynes manual so I'll find out where the intercooler hoses are & check them out.  I get 46-48mpg usually so I'd appreciate an increase to 54mpg.



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#17 FOCA


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  • Name: FOCA
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Posted 26 June 2014 - 11:33 PM

It's not a waste of money if it works though is it ? I'm just telling you what the product claims to do. You spray it into the intake of the turbo. Withe the air intake off hose off so you don't damage the maf. After it breathed new life into my old disco I've used it since. You can dissect what you like mate from what I've written but I'm just stating the directions from the back of the can. it's a bit childish really if you want some recognition for being some great mechanic go work for Brabus or something . if you haven't used it you can't really comment on if it's a waste of anything.

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Those are not very nice comments and i feel they are a bit personal, if you post on a forum you can expect comments, some may not be positive, if i was in search of recognition i would not be anonymouse, its not my fault you don't understand engines, or what the different parts of the turbo are called, or that i know that something can't work in the way you described    


There is simply no way a treatment that is sprayed into the turbo inlet (that bit is called the compressor housing) can get anywhere near the turbo bearing, (or "Teflon coat the beArings") period.    


Ive been around a while and know my stuff, there have been a lot of "magic cures" for sale that make claims that the product can do this and that, mostly, its exaggerated or in some cases, even damage the engine - some have dissapeared or have changed the formula or have been forced to change their advertising  - they are often a waste of money


yes, i have not used it -  i would not put it near my car

#18 Stevolandy



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  • Name: Steve
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Posted 27 June 2014 - 06:25 AM

Maybe you should try being constructive then??? Instead of trying to massage your ego by sifting through posts for things that arent to your exacting standards. I would imagine It's pretty easy to sit at a keyboard trying to make people feel small whilst you sit their marvelling at your own superiority but I think you'll probably find that most people understood what was a brief afterthought of a post. I'm sure many mechanics also probably just call it an intake regardless of its component specific part description. The fact that you bothered to pick up on that shows just how important it is for you to make yourself seem superior rather than just being helpful. Lastly whilst I may not be a qualified mechanic you don't have any authority nor any basis to judge what my level of understanding of engines is. I don't require your appraisal for anything regardless of how long you've been about.

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#19 jeebowhite


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  • Name: James
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Posted 27 June 2014 - 12:25 PM

Gentlemen! lets not allow this to to turn into a flame war.


Having know FOCA from when he started posting here, I can say that he has an excellent knowledge of cars, but his comments and writing style can be interpreted and read in a way that (much like reading any public forum content) can be read in a variety of ways, but lets not persue this point any further!


With regards to the underlying comments FOCA is making, the point he makes is valid. The nature and design of the turbo is a complicated one, and many miracle cures such as these claim that they could work there way in there and fix an issue. However, this isnt always accurate. Its like saying you have all your windows and doors in the car closed, and by washing the outside of the car you are also miraculously cleaning the interior also. The seals around such units and the buildup of the turbo means that much like your car door seals, if the seal isnt correct then yes - when you soak the car, some may get through the seal and lubricate the interior, but as these units are built - there is no way for you to spray the car on the outside in its sealed state and have the inside cleaned and lubricated.


The turbo would need to be reconditioned to get the best out of it, the compressor and its fins can be cleaned by the spray, but this doesnt perform an overly great function. What you need to do is get at the likes of the VNT vanes and de-coke them in order to get the air flowing smoothly over them once again. What FOCA seems to be seeing is that just because you squirt the cleaner in the compressor, doesnt mean that it will get in, clean the system and lubricate all the essential and sealed parts - in essence a spray isnt going to make it new. However, these treatments can benefit the car - not necessarily to the full extent and degree of say having it removed and reconditioned, but if it decokes a little bit of the turbo and makes that 1% run better, then you are already looking at a 1% improvement than where you previously sat.

#20 FAST-ST155



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  • Name: dylan
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Posted 01 July 2014 - 01:34 PM

it could be the dual mass flywheel because my mondeo does the same when on idle.

#21 enyamet



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  • Name: Terri
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  • Year: 2006
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Posted 05 October 2015 - 10:14 PM

Hi, I came across this thread as my 2006 TDCI 130 has this surging issue. Seems to be fine when accelerating and even on dead throttle but on neutral throttle or very light throttle I get the surging. I just wondered if you'd ever got to the root of this issue on your car Muggo?

I'm going to inspect the intercooler hose tmw after seeing some of the other comments on this thead.

Thanks all!

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