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Keys And The Alarm Question And Starting Issue

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My mum is away and I need to borrow her car (54 plate fiesta) however she has taken the fob key with her (for the first time ever!) and all I have is the spare.

She will have double locked it with the fob so the alarm will be on - my question is can I open it with the spare key without the alarm going off or am I best belave well alone?


I have a 54 plate diesel and it has a tendancy to not want to start - it only seems to turn over about 2/3 times then cuts out and it can take 2/3 attempst to start it (the record is 10 mins of trying) all other times it starts first turn of the key. Had it checked but at some point one of its previous owners took it somewhere who wipped all the error codes! They checked the heating coils and said they were fine. Any ideas?

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It is not Forum policy to advise how to deactivate alarms on cars.

The questions have to be asked, 1) Do you have permission to drive the car and if so 2) Why has the main key not been left with you?

Please excuse me if I'm being over suspicious but as a Police Officer it is in my nature to be so.

Are you insured to drive the car and have express permission to do so?

If not then a count of TWOC would soon follow.

As to your other problem, have you considered whether there is a problem with fuel delivery?

Maybe dirt in the fuel filter or air in the fuel lines?

Ford diesels are very sensitive to fuel pressure and filter problems, if the car has not been serviced recently and had the filters changed that could be a good place to start.

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Yes I do have permission to drive it - have a text from mum after I told her hubbys car had died that even states its got plenty of fuel. Although she also stated I have to return it Wednesday for when they come home - although hoping hubbys car will be fixed by then.

Normally she does leave the key with me along with all her other valuables when they go away however she forgot to give them to me this time so decided to take them with her.

Understand its in your nature to ask.

Yup I have insurence to drive it wouldn't take it if I didn't I'm pregnant so I'm extra careful about everything and even if not wouldn't drive without insurance.

As for the other problem had it since I had the car - it was doing it before I had a full service done on it last year and carried on afterwards - I do need to to take it for a service this year, and a new exhaust, and some new trim for the side of the passenger window that fell off the other day but with the potential costs of that it needs to be one thing at a time.

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If you're using a non remote key to unlock an alarmed Ford then once the car is unlocked you need to put the key into the ignition and turn to position II within about 10 seconds or the alarm will go off.

Concerning car fault, definitely get a decent garage onto the case again.

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