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Tony middx


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Hi all

New to this .

first would like to know which oil can or should I use in my 2.0 Mondeo 59 plate Titan X auto

I know it is 5w /30 buy part or full synthetic web sites are not that clear?

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is it petrol or diesel?

it should be fully synthetic 5w30 but if its diesel then it could well need 'low ash' oil

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Diesel TDCI 2.0 ... Have not seen any low ash type oil.

Would part sym do any damage.

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its advisable that you change the oil every 6 months if you use part synthetic according to the lads at work

read the manual as to what oil is best for your engine. although with modern engines its best to use fully synthetic

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Low ash oil normally refers to 2-stroke oil, used in petrol 2- stroke engines used in motorcycles, mopeds, lawn mowers etc, the oil gets burnt in the the combustion chamber and the burnt oil gets released into the atmosphere with the exhaust gasses "low ash" 2-stroke oil reduces or at least claims to reduce the ash produced from the exhaust, i was not aware it was a term used in engine oil (for 4-stroke petrol & diesel engines)

It is ok to use semi synthetic 5w30 engine oil in your Ford diesel engine, the oil changes should be more frequent than using fully-synthetic oil, i agree with Mr S, 6 months (or 6k) is good practice and will help protect your engine,

There is a school of thought that because you have to change your oil more frequently, semi-synthetic is better in this respect (when you change the oil, contaminants in the oil lare removed as well)

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The 'A' in 'low SAPS' oil stands for 'ash', so yes, low ash is a term used in conventional passenger car oil, although usually in combination.

That said, low SAPS (or even mid SAPS, the halfway house) is more of a concern for vehicles with an actual catalytic converter, ie a petrol engined vehicle, but because motor manufacturers would rather have one oil for as much of the range as possible, then you might see it on diesel oils, too (and, it wouldn't surprise me, with more and more aggressive exhaust post treatment that low SAPS might soon become a diesel requirement, but that's another story).

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