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Focus Tdci Brake Issues

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Hi Guys and Girls

Trying to source out some help and some tech info reference my braking system on the Ford Focus MK1 facelift TDCI.

The issue is the hardness of the braking pedal and lack of braking,

I've replaced the Brake Master servo, which was tested and working prior to putting it in, there was no issues with mechanical working of the brake pedal. Brakes bled through and no air in system, and no change to the problem.

I know these have issues with the one way valve coming from the vacum pump so that was replaced, still no change. Next was to replace the vacum pump and master cylinder! system was bled through (again) and still no change! At this point i was scratching my head! next came the calipers...... all four were stripped down and cleaned, checked and replaced. All brake hoses were checked and no issues. This is doing my head in now!

Does anyone know the pressure that these vacum pumps produce???? are there limits, when removed i can feel the pressure from the pump, albeit does not seem too much pressure being created. Maybe the pump is too weak to assist the servo!

The vacum pump was replaced with a second hand unit from a working car, albeit do these pump unit work across the TDDI and TDCI range! When the engine is running the pump unit is very noisy and seems that the piston slaps on the cam shaft.......

Any help would be great! Many thanks Guys and Girls.

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