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Panel Lights

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If you're refering to your instrument panel, the warning lights are all leds, soldered to the mainboard of the instrumentcluster.

There are 4 glass bulbs in the cluster, very tiny ones, which i think take care of the lightning of the panel (although the speedo and rev counter needles each have they're own led of i'm not mistaking).

Just don't know if the glasbulbs are easily replaceable or that you have to solder them out and in.

Instrument cluster is easy to open/access. Just pull of the housing surrounding the cluster in the dashboard, remove the two Philipsscrews on top and take out the instrumentcluster. Detach the plug at the back. Now you can carefully take off the front of the cluster by unclicking the 6 or 8 click thingies around the cluster.

Then remove the needles, take a picture or remember how they were on! You can easily get them off with 2 teaspoons so you can lever them off straight up so nothing will break.

You can remove all the screws at the back and the front will come apart from the back. Now you can see all the leds and the 4 tiny lightbulbs.

Good luck!

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