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How To Remove Cigarette Lighter Socket?

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Vehicle is Ford Fusion 1.4 TDCi, 2006.

Anybody knows? Somewhere I read you're just to place applicable tool under the outer plastic ring and apply some force to pull it out, but am afraid to do so, before someone confirme it.

So, any experience?

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The easiest way is to lift the whole plastic part where your gearshift is sticking through. You can simply pull it up, it's only hold down by some clips.

The reason for that is visible on the first pic.


Although the lighter isn't lit there is a thing on the side that allows a light to be fitted, quite useless, it's black opaque plastic.

But this thing is what's keeping you from just pulling the lighter socket out.

You will have to unplug the socket, remove the metal inner part first and then you can get the plastic part out.

Sounds easy but the metal part is hold back by two little plastic tabs you can barely see in the openings of the metal part.

If you push from the bottom and with a small screwdriver push against the tab you should be able to get the metal part out without damage. Then it's easy, just push the plastic part out, it is only hold down by two tabs at the outside of the plastic part.

There is a faster way and that is to just cut the useless side piece off and that way you can push the complete lighter out ;)


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I want to remove the whole thing, and replace it with one that has light, green ring.. I guess there are some screws and bolts for plastic console, but those should not be difficult to find? How do I remove the ring around gearshift base? By a lever, or there's some more sophisticated approach?

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No tools needed, just pull the top up with your fingers, see the pic. No screws or anything, just some clips holding the whole thing down.

When you have it completely off you can unplug the lighter. The gearknob is threaded so you can just screw it off. Then the whole plastic top is loose and you can turn it over. Then you see the ring around the gearshift is also just clicked in. Nothing is hold down by screws.


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Cool. many thanks. I'll be on a trip during weekend, so some day next week I'll try to do it and record the whole process.

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You will have to get the power from another lit source, the lighter has constant power so if you take it from there the ring will be lit al the time and your battery dead after a few days ;)

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Sorry for this zombie. But I owe this one post.

Just to thank you again. I followed the advice, removed the console, shift pole cover ..., pulled it out, but then I returned the original lighter back, because this new one was too narrow for the hole. I have to develop some fitting to keep it in place, aswell as to decide wether to drill a hole for a light switch.

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