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Racy Tracy

Pinking Metal??

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Hi folks, need advice with something. Ive got a Fiesta Metal, had it now for about 6 months, its on a 12 plate. Just recently ive noticed that when i put my foot down, say to pull away in traffic, overtake etc, ive noticed that the engine is 'pinking'. Like in the old days when your engine would be too advanced/!Removed! and you had to mess about adjusting the distributor......but obviously now a days, thats not possible. So was wondering if its worth a phone call to my local Ford Dealership (where i got the car from)....or would it solve the problem if i had it re-mapped (which i was thinking about doing). The thing is, i know that the dealership will probably just do a diagnostic check on it and if it comes back with no faults but its still 'pinking' then what would be my next course of action :unsure: . Some people have suggested that it could be the fuel, but i go to different garages for fuel so dont see how it could be that.

Any advice would be grateful......just to add, noticed it doesnt seem as responsive as it was when i first got it.

Cheers :)

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I noticed my zetec s was pinking slightly when under load/going up hills etc this was when the temps were up around 30c last week, but it seems not to be doing it now, so maybe temp related. higher octane petrol may help , i used to fill up with 98 ron when i bought the car and it did seem slighty more eager.

The 1600cc engines do have knock sensors to pull the timing back when the engine starts pinking, so the performance goes down until pinking stops.

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Hi , If its any consolation, while i was waiting outside of work this evening a petrol 2012 Fiesta accelerated up the road past me and that was pinking.

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Wait until the weather cools doen abit if you're still experiencing it after take it back to the dealer sounds like it could be running abit fuel rich. It was a known fault on the focus so possibly a problem with the fiesta also? Especially if theres quite a few doing it?

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