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why is none of my photos in my threads or guides showing and instead theres an annoying message about bandwidth?

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You hit your free allowance, think Lenny had the same issue, you may have to pay for more bandwidth.

Log into your Pbucket account, click on your username, then user settings. Click on account and scroll down to bandwidth used. Is yours 100%?

Straight from the Pbucket website mate:

All of my linked Photobucket photos and videos have been replaced with this thing:


What does it mean, and how do I get my photos back?

Don't panic, and don't delete anything! Please, let us explain.

Bandwidth is the total amount of data transferred from your Photobucket account to the sites you post photos and videos on. It's kind of like the data plan on your phone. If you have a free account, you can use up to 10GB of bandwidth per month.

Imagine you have a photo that is 1MB in size, and you post it on your blog. Whenever a friend sees your blog, 1MB of data is transferred from your Photobucket account. That counts toward your 10GB per month limit (10GB = 10,000MB, and most photos are much smaller than 1MB).

Now, imagine your blog has a lot of photos on it, and their total size is 5MB. That would mean that 2,000 blog views would max out the bandwidth on yourfree Photobucket account. If you're linking multiple photos in multiple places, or you post photos on a popular site, your bandwidth can add up pretty fast!

There are two ways to get your linked photos and videos to show up again:

  1. Wait until your cycle date. Your bandwidth limit resets every month on the date you created your account. Check your page to find out when your cycle date is and how much bandwidth you've used since your last cycle date.
  2. Go Plus. Plus accounts have unmetered bandwidth, no ads, and full-size photo storage. You'll love it!

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cheers for that dude

sly gits

i aint paying for extra bandwidth they can whistle for it

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lol that'll be no use for getting every photo i've already linked in all threads n guides to date n theres no way i've got ime to upload em all to a different site n go through all my posts relinking the photos

my guides that are supposed to be helpful to people are now pretty void without photos

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wooo my photos are back up :D

thing is my cycle date is the 4th and since then i've already used 2.4gb :unsure:

Glad to hear it mate,

The got me recently too, I ended up paying them because they have me by the balls due to all the guides having specific images in specific places, it would be almost impossible for me to change host,

They got me on bandwidth amount of downloads on the images hosted on there server.

I now pay smithing like 3 pounds per month

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I know Lenny mate i noticed. I havent been on here for a while then i come on and see theyve got you, then i see that theyve got me too.

Im in the same boat really as well i've got that many photos up on my build threads and i've got a few guides of my own too that are photo heavy so it would be impossible to upload them all to another site and go back through guides etc trying to put the photos back where they go.

Dont really fancy having to pay a monthly fee even if it is just 3quid. May have to though

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The other option is Google+ account , i have 15gb of share space and it's free. , Mine are also split between Imageshack ,Photobucket and mediafire.

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