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Shaved Rear Doors Mk2.5 Focus

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Hi all,

I've been thinking of doing this modification for almost a year,

But two things discouraged me,

1. Not knowing of any place that would take on the job of fitting,

2. Not knowing how it all worked,

Well I've conkerd both of those fears in recent weeks,

The only obstacles now are time and funding,

I got brave last week and removed the front door panels, and windows etc. To fit some cables for ford logo projector puddle lights,

In doing this I discovered how simple the locking mechanism is aswell as how spacious the door cavity's are in the focus.

Tonite I've viewed some door popper installation videos on YouTube and since seeing what's inside the doors of the focus, it all makes a lot of since and would be 100% possible to perform,

I plan to leave the front doors untouched

Only remove the exterior handles of the rear side doors and have the panels smoothed out to carry on the curves in the body,

The doors will still have the original ford inside door handles and central locking mechanism's as they currently do,

The only part taken away will be the outer door handles.

The pull cable that leads to the outer door handle will be replaced by a 12v pull solenoid much like the one ford have fitted to remotely unlock the boot via the key fob.

This won't effect the standard operation of the inside handle,

The pop feature,

Is simply a spring loaded rubber bung that requires no electric power,

It keeps a constant push on the door at all times which causes the door to pop out when the lock is released.

I plan to fit a water proof spring button to the underside of the wing mirror on either side of the car,

When the car is locked as normal either via key in front door or via fob,

The wing mirror button won't do anything if pressed,

But if the car is unlocked

Press the button on the underside of the wing mirror, and the rear door will pop open on that side of the car.

The kit I'm looking at also comes supplied with a wireless fob,

So either door could be opened remotely if required and only if the car was unlocked first,

Personally I wouldn't carry the wireless fob with me I'd be content with the button hidden in underside of the wing mirrors,


Next thing is cost,

The kit I favour is from America and seems like top quality stuff,

The solenoids are heavy so shipping is expensive I'd also need to be prepared for customs import duty on arrival to the country,

So the hardware cost could be around 300 euro, not much if the kit does as it says though.

The only issue then is time,

Time to fit,

Well taking the time to plan the best routes for cables, fishing cables through grommets, removing windows, door cards and fitting the solenoid could take up to two days per side,

That's two weekends gone,

But worth the effort to have everything looking stock in the end.

The next time issue

Would be leaving the car in to the body shop to have the outer handle spaces smoothed over to carry the lines aswell as sprayed to erase any trace of a handle ever existing,

That could take up to a week, and as I require the car for getting to work this can be an issue,

The guy who sprays for me is top class and doesn't charge the earth but as result of this he is the busiest body shop in the county.

Since doing the research today this mod is definitely next on my list,

But may be this time next year before its 100% complete,

I'll keep you all updated if and when any progress commences.

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pretty cool, i didnt think it would cost that much though lol. Hope you make a guide as well as all the others youve done =)

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pretty cool, i didnt think it would cost that much though lol. Hope you make a guide as well as all the others youve done =)

Thanks Nicolas,

I will take pictures of the kit after I purchase, and since there's two sides to be done,

I'll figure out the best way on the first side while taking some pictures,

Then when I'm 100% sure what I'm at, I'll create a fitting guide using the opposite side.

The kit inc. Delivery is £192.41


Two waterproof buttons from AutoStar £10.50 for two inc. Delivery


Smoothing & Spraying Doors £150.00 estimated,

So overall cost £352.91 not much to be the only 5 door focus in the country with 3 door styling,

Also will provide many hours of fitting pleasure, keep me busy over the winter.

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