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Galaxy Mk3 Fog Light Unit Change

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Hi all,

Brand new member to this forum- be gentle.

Can anybody talk me through changing the passenger side fog light unit. I had an altercation with a French

Speed bump and the lens is smashed to merd. Got a new unit on eBay for 45 quid. I really don't want to give ford any more of my hard earned cash.

Thanks in advance,


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Did you get an answer (other than the one above which is not exactly helpful and I suspect incorrect). I have the same problem but other internet posts seem to suggest either;

1. Remove the inner plastic wheelarch to get at it or;

2. Remove the under bumber plastic tray which I favour as it seems there are about 8 screws and three plastic locating clips which should give access to the lamp unit.

I will be tackling mine over the next week as the glass lense has cracked so would appreciate a reply.

I think removal of the whole front bumper is a bit extreme.

Hoping not to spend more than an hour completing the job or will be soooo annoyed.

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Thanks for directing me to the www.fordmpv.com site ..... I didn't know about that one.

There thread suggests .....

<Quote> The handbook is not very helpful . There are 2 holes in the bumper under each foglight. Using an 8 mm socket and extension bar through the holes you undo the 2 screws holding the foglamp in place and withdraw the screws carefully ;
The handbook then shows the foglamp being pulled forward - what it doesn't show are 2 plastic clips on top of the foglamp which need to be pressed down to allow the foglamp out. For this you need something thin and flat to insert.

So it seems the lamp unit is accessed from the rear but falls out of the front of the bumper. Can wait to give it a go. Will report back with results.

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Had to change the side light bulb in the summer and also found the manual to be hopeless! Ended up lowering the engine tray and doing it through the wheel arch and just replacing the bulb through the back without removing the fog lamp.

Will be looking at the suggested website: www.fordmpv.com as I noticed tonight it has blown again - hopefully just a dodgy bulb.

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Having just replaced the fog light unit because of a smashed lens on my mark 3 Galaxy I found it relatively easy to do, without having to remove any under engine tray or bumper skirt as suggested elsewhere and did it all from the front.

1. Unscrewed the two 8mm bolts under the light unit, access them through the two purpose built holes in the underskirt.

2. Pressed a screwdriver into the gap above the light unit in the vicinity of the two plastic clips. It helped having the replacement unit to hand so I could accurately pin-point the area to prise.

3. Wiggled the unit a bit as I prised and it came straight out.

4. Unattached the parking light and fog light and removed the broken unit.

Removed in literally 2 minutes.

Fitting the new unit (£29.99 from ebay :) ) was even easier. Simply connected the bulbs, pushed the unit into the hole and screwed up the bolts from underneath!

One tip though, before pushing the new unit into place, check the two metal clips are correctly seated on the chasis to receive the two bolts or you’ll not be able to properly secure the unit.

One of mine fell down into the tray below and I couldn’t reach it, had to end up dropping the bottom tray off anyway. Oh well, looked upon it as an opportunity to clean out of the tray!!!

Good luck.


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Mine blew again on the driver's side the other day and then the headlamp bulb on the same side went too!

When removing the headlamp to replace that bulb (2 screws) it revealed the top view of the fog lamp unit allowing me to see the clips to release, in order to allow the fog lamp unit to be removed.

Hope that helps.


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I needed to replace the front near side side light in my 2010 Galaxy. Ford Handbook says remove 2 screws - but there was only 1 (8mm socket). After removing the screw the bottom of the light unit was lose but the top was fixed solid. I know there are two tabs that need depressing but I could not get to them because of the bumper moulding. In the end I gave up removing the light unit and removed 3x 8mm bolts and 1x 10mm bolt from the under-bumper cover and 1x 8 mm bolt from inside the wheel arch. I then was able to bend the under-bumper cover just enough to get my hand in. Reaching the foglight bulb was easy but the sidelight bulb was difficult. I persevered and did it. It took over an hour. Now that I have figured it out I recon I could do it in half an hour. It would be better if I could figure out how to extract the light unit. All my older cars (pre 2000) were easy to change bulbs but everything I've had built after 2000 has been difficult and often involves removing of the entire lighting unit.

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