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Hi, at the end of June i purchased a used-Ford Focus Titanium 2008 from a dealership. Absolutely love the car, but there was one gripe i had about it which has been ongoing in different forms.

The Focus comes with the pre-built Travelpilot SatNav, but the dealership didn't have an SD Card to hand to give me, telling me to come back in a few weeks to sort out. So i wasn't able to do it there and then and test it.

Few weeks passed and eventually i got a brand new Ford Focus SD Card, i put it in and decided to just go from A-to-B, on a route i was familiar with - only a few minutes drive away. However as i was driving, it was giving incorrect turn-offs to roads which didn't exist, it left me confused but i didn't think much of it.

On a much longer test i opted to go down the motorway. I started out from my location before going towards the M6, via the M56. Out of the blue the SatNav said i was now coming upto the M62 motorway?? I ignored and continued on, but still it wasn't "correcting" itself.

It was as if the Satnav was following a pre-designed route as opposed to a route following the GPS signal. When i got halfway to my destination (about 20miles!!) it said i had arrived.

I've tried similar tests and each one shows it's failing hard. is there anyway to rectify this??

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In my Sig below you will find a download for the manual , perhaps you need to reset the unit , when i have mine i reset the Satnav so it picked up the correct satelites

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Just a quick update, i have downloaded the Satnav manual which was a help. I think reading through the only thing i didn't do was calibrate the Satnav. So i took it out for a quick spin, let it run its calibration. Once completed i stopped the car and setup the Satnav to take me home. It properly located my area (Perfect).

One issue. I didn't set off straight away, and once again the Satnav started to run all on it's own, instead of following my vehicle via GPS it went on it's own (correct) pre-designed route.

While i was thinking about it, i noticed that there was an option within the settings for demonstration first... So it made sense that maybe it ran a demonstration first - But even when i started the journey again it didn't work. So would i need to disable the Demo straight away and it will stop with the issues?

I haven't tonight tried disabling it, but it seems likely that's what's causing it.

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