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bas saph

Hi All Looking For Help With Newly Purchased 1.8 R Reg Ghia X

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sounding like its going to be one heck of a fine motor by the time you have ripped it apart!

Whats the total cost so far then ? for the car and parts?

car £230

Fuel £5

fuel £15

cv gaiter £4

valating materials £5

spark plugs £6

Tax £225

log book £25

Strut brace I had (£30)

cd player I had (£30)

Tuning box £10

cause I couldnt tax in time i didnt get tracking/alignment and balancing done £20 via mate but to be honest Iv had 110 and its pretty spot on :)

weeks insurance £42

Cams where on loan but cause I couldnt identify one of them didnt do them and ecu wasnt worth doing with cams. Ecu £35.

rear strut making from scrap metal pole and free welding stick.

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This is a quote from Sambo 170588 on the site, this is in relation his escort

thanks for the help m8 , but i do have to ask.. it says in my haines
manual that the SP gap is 1.0mm or .039thou what makes u say its 1.6 iam
only asking because thisafternoon i changed the plugs there were 3
motorcraft ones that wernt even the right sort for an escort zetec and
there was 1 ngk in good nick so i bought 3 more checked the gap to
1.00mm now the car runs
ok but its got no power whatsoever thru the gears and sumtimes on idle
it DROPS to 500 then UP to say a 1500 then back down till nearly
stalling and it does this untill i either turn it off and on or rev the
car. its realy !Removed! me off now ive spent 850 on car 575 on knew
valves etc and now more money its just starting to take the pisss lol
:@:@ any help with the !Removed! problem ov mine is much appriciated thanks
for any help ive been given to

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Just put her on weigh bridge 1040kg (approx 20kilos of fuel) + 140 for me and passenger on track = 1180 kilos

0-60 mph is me and car so that will be just shy 1105 less some fuel about 15kilos after track sesion. = 1090 kg

Aiming for 8.5 sec 0-60 depending on wind but will be happy with sub 9 secs off course got to get launch right :)

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NO 0-60 time they wasnt doing them this year :(

top speed 125 on slight incline but Hit 135 on speedoe before bootled it due to looming bend

Car performed great cruised to silverstone and back nearly run out of petrol though lol. got a tow from lorry drag round m25 for 6 miles.

The car suffered major traction issues or was that just my heavy right foot lmao.

Car will be forsale Tuesday ;) enquerys ???



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average speed round silverstone 70.24 mph lap time 1m 25secs best 1min 22sec in escort with front and rear strutts as mods. (interior = passenger) (tuning box prob = loss of hp over 16 years lol)

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Did you make a profit when you sold her?

Cost me £265 sold for £260 so no profit last year I bought car for £300 sold for £400. still £5 cant complain. cheap rental lol

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