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Loose Lighter Socket

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Hi All,

I have recently upgraded the old fusion to a focus c-max. To which I am very happy with. There is one small hitch which is a broken cigarette lighter socket up front with me. Took out the one in the boot which worked fine so just replaced the unit.

I now have a problem of the new socket (genuine ford part) not being secured to the console and constantly coming out of the console when pulling out an appliance.

Before I get the super glue out and glue the bracket in. Are there any sensible solutions?



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I have the same problem! its rather infuriating, but I have learned to live with it!

Do you have the ashtray in the front, or no ashtray? I am not sure but I think if you have one, it should also extend to the lighter socket and stop the wobble?

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I would assume it's a loose sleeve around the socket rather than the socket itself?

They do have a habit of splitting therefore allowing the socket to become loose.

Is the sleeve illuminated (either green or amber) or just the solid black one?

If the illuminated ones then they are readily available on eBay for about £4.

If it's the black one you can get them from Ford.

I'll dig out the part (finis) number for you later tonight.

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Three options-

Plain black ring - Finis 1085719 about £2.50

Amber illuminated ring - Finis 1378851 about £7.50 (Ford prices)

Green illuminated ring - Finis 1353438 about £11 (Ford prices)

Can't find the plain black ring by itself on eBay but the whole unit is here-


Green ring-


No amber ones seem to be available other than from Ford or as part of an ashtray unit for the Focus.

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The tricky bit is getting the power socket itself out, there is a proper removal tool made by Millers in America which costs stupid amounts for a strip of metal with bits sticking out-


(Miller special tool 9857)

But hopefully as your sockets are already loose you may be able to pull the bits out without a tool.

Some use circlip pliers with external or adjustable prongs-



Or just make your own-


1 - 2.5MM (3/32 INS.)
2 - WELD
3 - 100MM (4 INS.)
4 - 22.25 TO 22.45MM (7/8 TO 57/64 INS.)

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Not sure what it is, but mine seems to have returned to its former stuck in self! kept plugging and unplugging yesterday and it stayed put so I am happy with that.

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