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Ford Focus 98-01 Steering Column Stereo Control Stalk

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Hi all, just wondering would this be a possible and easy mod to do? My car hasn't got the volume controls for the radio but I would like to add this either by the stalk or the controls on the steering wheel. I'm good with electrics on a car so not worried about the work involved just wondering if its possible


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Not sure on the focus, but its a doddle on a mk6 fiesta (2002-2008) as I did mine.... All that's required is the actual stalk(obviously) and the lower part of cowling with the cut out for the stalk. The wire that plugs into the stalk was taped up on the loom, if you have an aftermarket head unit fitted, you would also need the upgraded wiring harness.... Think its autoleads pc99, not too sure though.

Hope this helps

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Hi so it will be a job for the breakers yard then to see what I can find, cheers, I have an after market Sony GT564UI im hating it as I only got it to fill the gap where the old radio used to be. I prefure kenwood as the USB lead is in the back and has more ease to us with ipod control 5 line display instead off one, lol.

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Yeah never been a huge fan of Sony HU's I did a little bit of digging and I think it looks like your Sony does have a remote stalk input.... Just check for a 3.5mm (similar to a headphone input) then you will have to buy that autoleads wiring harness I mentioned before,

Yeah the breakers yard is the best place to get your stalk and cowling.... Probably get both for about a tenner.

Keep us posts in how you get on.

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Hi I will do and I will be taking photo's aswell, I will be selling the Sony I hate it, Going back to the Kenwood KDC-6051U which is a better unit I feel. The cable sells and I will be getting this unit so I will placing the Sony on here for sale or returning it to the dealer as im not 100% happy and only had it two weeks lol

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