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1.4Tdci Air Cleaner Cover

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I have noticed that the cover has a small piece out of it along the edge at the top left at the back of it, so a small piece of the filter can be seen, that is the rubber edge of the filter not the element. I looked at it closer but it does not seem like a piece is broken off it but is part of how it was made?

Also what engine oil do you recommend for this engine - I use semi-synthetic but is fully synthetic better (car has 117k)

Also exhaust fumes in car when blower is on with air directed to face or windscreen when going slow or stationary- have read other stuff about it that its leaking injectors??

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In my honest opinion its not worth going down the route of fully synthetic oil as the ford 5w-30 WSS M2c913-B Semi synthetic oil is sold by Asda for £8 for 2 litres and as its only about 4 litres absolutely max for these engines £16 isn't bad (just missed a special offer in Halfrauds 16 litres for £20 bummer) lol good luck on leaking injectors apparently they only cost £30 but cleaning and fitment operation can cost up to £240 bummer

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Normally when you have a throttle valve and an electronic EGR valve the MAP sensor is located there. But if you don't have a throttle valve and have a vacuum EGR valve you don't have the MAP sensor. Doesn't matter that you can see the rubber of the airfilter, it's not broken but made that way.

I would just use the original Ford oil (Or Castrol but that's even more expensive), if it was a normally aspirated engine i wouldn't be so fussy but there's also a turbo to consider. And with a little googling you can save a lot of money on the same oil.

Fumes could be from the injector seals, enough to be found on how to change them on the forum and internet. Could also be from a leaking exhaust or something.

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Gombal So far as I have found the spec of the oil is 5W-30 WSS M2C913-B and is exactly the same as Ford oil recommended for longlife servicing (which is re-badged Castrol oil so you are right on that count but ASDA oil and Halfords state they both meet the specification WSS M2C913-B

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