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Too Much Oil And Fluid Colour

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Hi Folks,

Well, my car was not too recently serviced by Kwik Fit, it had an oil filter, and oil replacement. Having gone out today to check the car (fear of the car having too little oil in, I was greeted with this:


A more than generous helping of oil, dipped three times, each time with the same amount.

So whats the worst case scenario for leaving this much oil in? or should I just get under, pull the plug and let some come out?

Also, I checked the level of the Brake fluid, seems to be yellow (unless I am actually looking at Power Steering, should check the manual) and this seems to be a lovely yellow colour...


I am not sure that these colour is correct? could anyone clarify these points?

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With regards the oil, it is not much over.

Also depends when car was last turned over, temperature etc.

Ideally you want to check the oil about 2 mins after the engine has stopped, otherwise the reading will be higher than expected due to oil draining off components into the sump.

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oil level is high, you could drain some out but it'll be easier to suck the required amount out using a sucker/pump of sorts.

the other fluid is the brake fluid and it should be yellow unless it hasnt been changed ever in which case it will be a black/brown colour

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Thanks for the replies folks, I dont think I would have a means to suck a bit of oil out, so may if I get chance, stand the car up and just drain a little bit and plug the hole again...

What problems will it cause having that little bit too much oil? I know if you completely drown it you will have issues, but I wouldn't have thought that this level would cause any problems.

as for the time, this was done about 4 hours after the car was stopped.

Glad that the brake juice is the right colour though!

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I personally wouldn't worry too much about the oil, I personally don't think it is high enough to be concerned.

You can always try checking it 2 mins after you next use the car, even 4 hours is long enough for the engine to get cold and drain a bit.


Also might be worth checking the manual, seems some cars base it on cold engine, some on hot/warm.

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Will take a look, cheers alex.

Worst case scenario, I drop a little bit of oil into a washing up bowl, pour it into a milk carton and take it to the recycling area to get rid of!

Just been reading about high oil's consequences on gaskets and seals... hmmm....

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It can in theory create too much pressure in the engine, but they are all built with tolerances.

The oil level will vary with temp, pressure, engine wear, ground level, time since started, etc.

Bit like tyre pressures, they will never be correct 100% of the time.

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true that! well, will keep an eye on it and drop some if I get bored, but im in no hurry unless someone offers a reason to the contrary.

To be honest, the change was done about 3 months ago, and I have been doing the best part of 60 miles per day every working day since then and have noticed no errors or problems, so I wont worry too much...

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