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D13 HPD 95


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I think they are just more conductive I.e purer copper but I dowt there is any gain to be had from them I might be wrong. I know some manufacturers say change them every 3-4 years as they slowly breakdown and which effects performance and economy.

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Yes, you are unlikely to see a power gain on a stock car relative to stock HT (high tension) / spark plug leads

The stock ones need to last a certain amount of time, ('till after the warrantee runs out but not forever!) be cheap to make and not cause exessive RFI interference

Performance ones may have a lower electrical resistance, so you get a stronger spark, they may be tougher, and last longer, and keep on working in extreem conditions, like high tempratures, they may even help to protect the coil packs (due to not failing and causing a knock- on effect)

This is achieved by using better, but more expensive materials/ construction

Beware pretty coloured ones that are just junk - you get what you pay for and best to stick with premium / well known makes

Back in the day you had to change them more frequently but now they last longer

Racing ones may cause a lot if interference (they are not compromised so much for RFI suppression)

Spark plugs themselves probably make a bigger difference


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Pretty much yes whatever gains there is will be so small you wouldn't notice.


The the truth is (in my opinion) there is very little you can do to increase the power of that particular engine without spending a lot of money (which would not be cost- effective)

A Blufin remap only increases the power by 6Hp (and costs about £250) you could probably get a sports exhaust or fit a "performance" panel filter/ some airbox mods, but is probably not going to make a lot of difference (a few HP at best)

You could do some serious lightening - ditch the sub, spare (if fitted) lighter wheels, lighter battery etc - after that it can get expensive/ you start to loose your "creature comforts"

An ecoboost is a whole lot quicker (even the 100PS one) and has a lot more tuning potential (allegedly :lol: )

Even a turbodiesel has (far) more tuning potential (eg 1.6tdci) - stick a remap on it for "big" gains

Or you could (ultimately) save up and get an ST

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Save your money on trying to make your car faster, its just not worth it. Wait till your a bit older, with a few years no claims behind you, and buy something that's quick in standard form.

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