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Mk1 1.8 Tdci Power Problem

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Hi everyone,

First post here icon_smile.gif
So I'm having a problem with my 2003 focus tdci (115ps).

Basically it loses power at high rpm. In first gear it revs to redline no problem with plenty of power. In second gear it loses its power at about 4000 rpm, third gear at ~3200 rpm, and so on. It has perfect power to these rpm's, and then it can only slowly creep up to redline.

I can't find anything online that I haven't tried already.

Here are the things that I have done:

-Checked turbo shaft, no play
-Full service last week; air, oil, fuel filters done, oil change
-EGR blanked, made no difference except for quicker throttle response
-Cleaned MAF sensor
-Checked hoses, new silicone hoses put in last week
-Cleaned out air intake hoses and intercooler
-No warning lights ever come on

I hope someone here can help me :-)



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I don't think it should activate the fault light but if it did it should go off by itself after a few drives.

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It will activate the warning lamp if you thrash the car and try to do 0-60 in 3 seconds, but if you drive around casually and on an MPG drive, you should find that its fine. I disconnected it on the CMAX, did a 35 mile journey without issue, but as soon as I floored it, the light came on.

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Thanks for the advise guys, but ran the car with the maf plugged out today and didn't make any difference. Maybe it could be the turbo solenoid?

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Nah the car can cope without knowing how much air is in there at standard running. The ECU is programmed to say that standard revs will have a certain amount of air in the system, and so works to that number, the MAF adjusts that on the fly and so keeps it smooth, but if you start getting less air than it expects (choked up air filter for example) this can cause the lumpy death of the smooth run!

It could be the solanoid, but you may have a split pipe somewhere.

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