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Strange Noise From My Focus

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So my focus has developed a rather strange sound coming from what seems to be the front right hand side of the car.

It happens when moving off only, from what i can tell, regardless moving off turning or in a straight line it makes a sound as if something is under stress.

The sound is similar to blowing air into a tube, not a whooshing type sound, more towards a deep bass tubular sound . I was able to replicate the sound by putting the hand brake on and bring the clutch upto bite point.

From that bit of information some may say it's the shoes rubbing on the drums, the sound happens during traffic moving off, without the hand brake in use.

Has anyone had anything similar to this or know what it is? really does sound like a component under stress.

My car is still under warranty and i will be visiting the vauxhall dealer tomo, any advice on how to approach the dealer would be much appreciated as i have no experience dealing with car warranty issues and dealers.

For the visit i shall pop out the DRL's and put in the original grille... to avoid them using the mod as an excuse, possibly even disconnect my door puddle light mods... lame TBH just a precaution even though i didn't actually see anything about modifications voiding warranty in the T&C

I made a video however it's somewhat pointless the engine sound completely drowns out anything else

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I went back to my dealer who's a vauxhall dealer, the dude said it was an dual mass flywheel noise and was normal... i wasn't happy with that i got it booked in with ford.

Never heard of of the DMF making such noises before i cannot consider it normal... it's getting harder to hear in the colder times but i was still able to replicate the sound for them to hear.

This time seeing the dealer i wont be removing my auto wipers and light mod... hopefully they wont try to bs it

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