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Gta 5 Who's Queuing At Midnight?

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I wish the Mrs and the kids would allow me enough time to actually play games. Otherwise I would get GTA! I played all the oldies (the very first GTA on Playstation 1 was brilliant!) and I look forward to playing GTAV, however I expect I will get to play it, when GTAX is released!

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i dont care what anybody says. - no other GTA will beat San - Andreas.

Well GTA V is revisiting most of the same area (although on a larger scale) so I cant wait to see what they have done.

Plus the best games (as in gameplay) usually arrive at the end of a consoles life cycle and San Andreas was released at the end of the PS2 era, as GTA V is releasing at the end of the PS3/360 era.

I personally think it is going to be amazing from what I have seen.

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My copy arrived at some point this morning, not sure when as i was in bed

Can wait till later on to play it, might not even get round to it today with the amount of running about i have to do

Is it me or has the manuals got really thin? I remember when they used to come disguised as a sort of tourist guide and was a nice little touch

Or is a fancy manual just a feature of the collectors edition now?

I've put the disk in ps3 anyway to let it install the 8.5gb whatever it is while i'm out but its the closest i'm gonna get to playing it for a while

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Thin aint even the word this time though, its literally just the first 2 pages thats in every game going, ie the health warnings n precautions page, the pegi rating page, then a single side of a page each on the on foot and vehicle controls, then its the last 2 pages in every game going being the technical support page followed by the page of phone numbers for different countries.

I also used to like reading the touristy guide type manuals.

Yup still got a big fold out map, yet looking at it, the actual city of the game looks like a very small section n most of the map is made up by what appears to be woodland n hills etc

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well mines not turned up :( amazon said dispatched sat but guess the good old royal mail didn't feel like posting it to my door! not happy!!

Sorry lol

Can imagine a canteen full of postmen in the sorting office crowded around the TV

One out of seven suggesting they package it back up today and forward it on...... Nah :lol:

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