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Folding Mirror

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The drivers side folding mirror on my 2011 Kuga has become a real niggle. Neither I or the dealer have had any success with what was an intermittent, now v regular fault.

Only ever this side and only ever when opening. Got so bad in sticking shut I have stopped using the switch and sometimes fold in both mirrors manually outside the vehicle.....well trying to establish that new habit.

Taken 4+ operations of the switch with N/S opening and O/S staying shut to get me to this stage!

Never any noise with the problem like you get on worn Fiesta's which close and open automatically.

( 3 Fords in our family)

Software tweaks made no difference and I think the only fix is to relace the switch and or the mirror which I assume is the only thing not tried by the dealer.

Anyone else had the problem or any ideas ?

Ta Bill

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Thanks James, I appreciate that. OK if I quote this to the dealer ? , they would accept the part is still under warranty.

Regards Bill

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Hi Bill, not sure if you got this problem sorted out but i have the same issue with my 2011 drivers door mirror , always when folding out and usually if i had the problem in the morning, when i eventually got it to unfold, it would then be ok for the rest of the day, i mentioned it to the dealer but their attitude was that because they could'nt re-create the fault in the workshop, they were not prepared to change the switch or the mirror so just left it !

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Hi Paul 2.5 eh !....what bhp is that then ?

No I still have the problem but it is no longer an intermittent fault which is where I started on that one mirror still refusing to open from the button. I suspect we are not alone with this glitch and that people just work round the problem manually and dont even bother to post on a site like this ??

I now open the mirror a bit before I get in and the button always then opens it but a bit too far so I wind down the window and move it back into place. Crazy eh ?

Found also when I stop the car and close it will open for up to 8 seconds after I stop but will not open from the button if I leave it longer than that....wild eh?

Good chance I think you will eventually end up presenting a constant mirror fault and get the responce this is a software fault and we live in hope of Ford coming up with a fix. How many of us I wonder have had such a responce and are still waiting ?

Strange how these little things can annoy especially in the rain !

Soon as I come up on the lottery I might go and try the big Mazda...good luck and regards Bill

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Hi again Paul. I had rushed that last post and it is true, and more helpful to you, to say :

I like and trust my local dealer and we would not have 3 Fords in the family otherwise.

One of the aspects which brings me back to them is their long term resident techie who is pretty clued up and has given good advice and fixed stuff himself on a few occasions.

This trusted techie is the one who is totally and absolutely convinced this is a software problem and needs a Ford fix.

However warranty is running out and I should be doing the lottery !

Best wishes Bill

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Hi Bill, and thanks for your answers, my Kuga is just coming up to 3 years old and today i have booked it in for a service and MOT next week, i mentioned that i still have the mirror problem and that i had heard about a software fix for it to "prompt" them and they have made a note of it. I intend to get an extended warranty next week as its my own car and i do intend to keep it, by the way its supposed to be 205 bhp though the RAC man who was a ford tech previously, told me those 5 pot volvo engines in the Kuga are not as de-tuned as much as would be expected, so who knows. Regards Bill, Paul.

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5 pot 205 bhp !!!....is that even legal ? ( he asked enviously at a mere 163 )

So Ford expert says software fault, which based on another owner, ( me ) gets worse over time and becomes permanent only on drivers side. It is very unlikely we are on our own with the same fault.

Suspect many just ignore it and leave them out but if so why fit them if they dont work and actually charge me for the part and the annoyance?

Suspect because of the nature of the fault, as detailed to Ford Dealer, they would know its software and they are unlikely to advertise there are other owners with the same basic problem garage cant fix.

Mine is 3 years old in April

Good luck and let me know how you get on

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